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RiceOnline is the premier rice information site (Rice Portal) for the worldwide rice industry. Features include: Up-to-date rice market news, rice futures and quotes, directories of rice import and export companies, rice mills, and other rice industry participants. Also, USDA rice crop reports, rice tenders, and rice offers are available online.

RiceOnline provides a calendar that lists rice events such as rice conventions, rice festivals, and rice seminars. RiceOnline also has an original rice weather segment and a rice environmental page explaining how rice farmers aid waterfowl.

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Future segments will include rice recipes and rice online trading. Whatever your rice interest may be, whether for long grain, medium grain, or short grain rice; paddy, brown, or milled rice; Basmati, aromatic, or parboil rice (riz, riso, arroz)........RiceOnline is your ideal Rice Web Site!
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